Sidewalk Stories


Steve McCurry Curated

“You could start at a path leading nowhere more
fantastic than from your own
front steps to the sidewalk, and from there you could go… well, anywhere at all.”
– Stephen King

Kabul, Afghanistan

Havana, Cuba

The first sidewalks made their appearance around
2000 BCE in what is now Turkey,
and there is evidence that both the ancient Greeks and Romans incorporatedroadside pedestrian footpaths in their cities.
– Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

Paris, France


Cape Town, South Africa

The sidewalk as an integral feature of urban life
can be attributed largely to the career of

Georges-Eugene Haussmann,
the man behind the massive rebuilding of Paris in the 1850’s and 1860’s.
– Divya Subramanian


Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA

Umbria, Italy

La Esperanza, Colombia

Myanmar, Burma

Havana, Cuba

“A sidewalk must have users on it fairly continuously …
Large numbers of people entertain themselves, off and on,
by watching…

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