Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Luzon, Philippines


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A visit to the Philippines is a visit to many of its amazing beaches, whether you head north or south or whether your plan is to go somewhere else; all roads lead to the beach.

Think of it this way- if the Southern region has the popular Boracay, the Northern region has the low-key yet awesome Pagudpud.

Located at the northern most tip of the Luzon Island and facing the West Philippine sea, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is a coastal town with stretch of white sand beach and emerald waters, with Saud White Beach as the go-to destination.

More than the palm tree lined beach, a few minutes motorcycle ride away are other worthy destinations to visit around the municipality. Some of these destinations has been the highlight of my trip.

Thirty minutes trek passing by rice paddies, forests and thousand year old tree, the 80-feet tall Kabigan Falls at Barangay…

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