Saigon Panorama – The Outtakes Part 2 – Cholon


Adam Robert Young

In preparing the photos for my book Saigon Panorama, one spot that absolutely had to be in there is Cholon – Saigon’s Chinatown. Actually Cholon really deserves to have an entire photobook of its own, as it’s an absolute treasure trove of interesting scenes and sites.

So I figured it’d be a great choice to share for the second installment of my Saigon Panorama outtakes series.

Saigon - Cholon

Probably the biggest drawcard in Cholon is its temples that have been built by and for the large ethnic Chinese population that populates the area.

Saigon - Cholon

Saigon - Cholon
The intricate decoration in the pagoda above reminded me a lot of an ancestral hall in Guangzhou called Chen Jia Ci (Chen family ancestral hall). Wandering around Cholon, it’s easy to forget you’re in Vietnam and not in China!

Saigon - Cholon
The family that prays together stays together?

Saigon - Cholon
I love the coiled incense that burns overhead in many of the…

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