Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy


life to reset

Google the term “Venice is sinking” and you will get an incredible amount of images of flooded palazzo, some scientific explanation of why it is happening and maybe an occasional disappointed rant from tourists who were expecting a romantic stroll among the pigeons of Piazza San Marco only to be replaced by an urgent quest to find the cheapest store selling rain boots and slowly walking along the passarelle (make-shift walkway planks) in order to enter Saint Mark’s Basilica.

Although it could be a little distressing to see a dream-like destination such as Venice at its most vulnerable state but flooded piazza is an accepted and ordinary occurrence particularly during winter months where the city enters its “acqua alta” or high water season.

On my second day at Venice, the plan was to minimize the use of vaporetto and instead walk the city inner maze like streets starting from Piazza…

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