Thank You America


temyhoang diary

Thank you America for
giving me my second life in the US
starting on this day 14 years ago.
It has been quite a journey filled
with cultural shock, a language barrier, a lot of studying and adaptation.

I remembered those early days of going to grad school in Texas
I was, and still am, usually mistaken as Chinese
All Asians look the same anyway
was a casual racist statement I heard of.
Our names and their beautiful meanings were long gone
Tề My became Temy
Anh Thư turned into Ann
Nhật Triều became Trieu or Troy
We lost our identity and fell victims to homogeneity ironically
in a country worshiping
which has at times manifested itself in
which has evolved into the selfie/ ‘you do you’ culture nowadays.

Still compared to where I came from
this country is a luxurious upgrade with
full implementation of

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