UfD: Creating a Hand-Drawn Logo



A few weeks ago I did an Introduction on Mel Sinclair and many of you commented on her watermark and wanted to know how she did it. Mel offered to write a tutorial for you on how she does it.  Speaking of tutorials, I would like to know if you would like to see more of them.

Anyway, enough from over to Mel.

Creating a Hand-Drawn Logo

As more and more photographers present their work online, we are increasingly seeking new ways in which to stand apart from the crowd. Logos are a great way to create a recognizable brand, with minimal effort.

I’ve often been asked what font I use for my logo, in specific the “scripted” part of the text. I have felt somewhat good and bad telling people over the years that it is not a font, rather, my own handwriting.

While I’m sure there are multiple…

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