Weekend Wanderings: Another Trip to Flinders



As I mentioned yesterday I spent another morning at Flinders a few weeks ago for Social Snappers. It was a different morning and the sea was angrier.  There was no sunlight until later in the morning and definitely not while we were at the blowhole.  We went for breakfast and then down to the pier.


It was threatening rain the whole time and we did think we would get some, but we didn’t.  Windy was really how it was. There is such a mixture of colours over the rocks.


The waves were banging against the rocks and I was trying my best to get the waves as they exploded.


There was a heap of foam in the water.  I don’t know, it was really disgusting, but I don’t know what it was. Any ideas?


We went into Flinders for breakfast. While we were sitting out the front there was a…

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