Weekend Wanderings: Early Trip to Flinders



Back in January I took a trip to Flinders, a town on the coast and while I posted the photos that I took around the Flinders pier I never showed the ones of the blowhole that I took just out of town. I was thinking of using them and to my delight I discovered I had already processed them.  Today I thought I would show them to you.  I plan on showing some other photos of the same place soon, maybe tomorrow, but taken about a month ago.


The sun was out on this morning, but the tide was coming in so we couldn’t see a lot.  Apparently there is a blowhole there, one day I’m sure I will see it, but I haven’t yet. I really like the rocks.


I tried doing some long exposures.  The wind was going in the wrong direction however, so the clouds were going…

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