Music* Dream Syndicate – Still Holding on to You / Photography* John Rohrer – Exotropia


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Dream Syndicate
 are at the foundation (alongside the Velvet Undergroundthe Stooges, and R.E.M.) of contemporary alternative music simply because at the time when most bands were experimenting with new technology,the Syndicatedeigned to bring back the guitar. Fronted by Steve Wynn (b. Feb. 21, 1960) and including Karl Precoda (guitar), Dennis Duck (drums), and Kendra 

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Smith (bass), the band formed in Los Angeles after Smith and Wynn had relocated there from Davis, CA…more

John Rohrer
was born in Massachusetts in 1989. He is currently a photographer and installation artist living and working in New York CIty. His work deals with sensory experience, abstraction and perception. He recently completed his undergraduate education at Rhode Island School of Design. 

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