Quiet Thursday’s – Farewell to the Tamrom Macro



It is a sad day today, it is time for the Tamron lens to be returned to Maxwell International Australia, no really.  I have absolutely loved using this lens and out of all the lenses I have borrowed from various people, it is the one that I am really sad is going back.  It is such an easy lens to use.  I like the weight, I like how it takes photos.  I know if I hadn’t got the grant to buy the Nikon Macro lens I would have been getting this one.  I hope the Nikon Lens is just as good and easy to use.

To say farewell I thought I would do a final gallery on my favourite photos that I took with the Tamron 90mm Macro lens.  You have seen them before, but I hope you enjoy seeing them again. If you want to read again, what…

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