Music* FaltyDL – In the wild / Photography* Maria Pleshkova – Inside


A piece of music to feed the soul – Music & Visions selected by Nastymisty + TheP


Experience tracks from the upcoming FaltyDL album out ‘In The Wild’. See and hear the process of a video being reproduced around the world through various screens and spaces.

Contribute by refilming the latest videos and send your upload link to to be included.

Filming tips: Scroll to the right to find the latest video, Turn up your volume!

Pre-order: Ninjatune | iTunes

Maria Pleshkovanasty

Maria Pleshkova is a photographer based in Moscow, Russia. Born in 1986 in Moscow she later studied Photojournalism at Moscow State University and at School of Visual Arts (Moscow). In 2012, she attended the Eddie Adams Workshop (New York). 

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