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Today’s post is similar to last week, but I asked Richard Guest from The Future Is Papier Mâché to write one on Street Photography as well, but this time on Portraits.  Richard has been taking portraits of people on the streets for a couple of years, and I have been following along while he had been doing them.  I hope you enjoy Richard’s post.

Street Portraits

Since May 2012 I’ve been walking up to strangers and asking if I can take their portrait. It’s frightening, thrilling, rewarding and extremely addictive.

Nowadays we think of the street photographer as a flaneur, a wanderer, an observer, an artist roaming the metropolis, hunting for that decisive photographic moment. But in the early twentieth Lulucentury the term “street photographer” described someone who took portraits of strangers for money. Weegee (later famous for his crime reportage) began his career this way.

Throughout the twentieth, and…

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