Vietnam – Part 2


Adam Robert Young

HCM A typical street scene in Ho Chi Minh City (AKA Saigon)

Moving from the laid-back peacefulness of my wife’s small hometown to the frenetic buzz of Hochiminh City takes some adjustment, but in the mindst of all the hustle and bustle, there’s still a relaxed culture at its core. A culture that appreciates good food and good company, and that enjoying the two is something valuable that should not be rushed. I admit I only have a shallow understanding of the place, having only spent a few days there at a time, but I couldn’t deny the highly social and life-loving population of the city!

It’s after sundown that the social side of the city really comes into its own. Large restaurants and small street stalls all open up to groups of friends and family members who enjoy fresh food and drinks in the warm evening air outside. It’s something…

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