My wife’s photos misused in a Czech hoax!


Adam Robert Young

I had never imagined my photographs would be used to fool so many media outlets in Europe and Asia!

Here’s how it all went down…

Any photographer is happy for wider audience to see their photos, so when I got an email from somebody in the Czech Republic back in 2009 asking if they could use some photos I’d taken of my wife during our time in China, I was happy to share.

a Park 2

Here’s the email he sent me on Flickr explaining what the photos would be used for (at the time, yanglong7 was my Flickr name – Yang Long is my Chinese name that I used for convenience when living in China):


At the time, I was young and green, and had never imagined I’d ever be able to use photography in a professional context, so I was just happy that someone had liked some photos I’d taken enough…

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