Monochrome Madness Week 10



Welcome to another week of Monochrome Madness, week 10.  That means we have been doing this for just over 2 months now, quite an achievement.  Each week we are attracting more and more images, and from new people all the time.  It has been fantastic.  Remember the instructions for how to submit images are at the end of the post.


This image is one of the ones I took last weekend during my photography class.  I love the gates and wanted to see what I could do with them and to see how making them black and white would go.  I think it really suits it.  I did put a new sky in it, and added a slight tone to give it an aged appearance.  I could have removed the graffiti, but it didn’t seem important when I was doing the image.

Funny to see that Laura and I have similar…

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