Blue Note @ iTunes – the new exclusive store



As a part of the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Blue Note Record there is now an exclusive iTunes store dedicated to placing all the label’s catalogue in one convenient place. During the course of the coming year 100 Blue Note albums will be made available in the Mastered for iTunes format ensuring the best quality through increased audio fidelity, more closely replicating what the artists, recording engineers, and producers originally intended.

The Blue Note destination will highlight current and classic releases, including a monthly Artist Spotlight that begins today with Don Was taking a look at the landmark Blue Note recordings of the legendary keyboardist and composer Herbie Hancock, whose Blue Note catalog includes his debut album Takin’ Off, recorded 1962, along with numerous classics such as My Point Of View, Empyrean Isles, Maiden Voyage, and Speak Like A Child.

New releases…

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