Point Aux Sables – Beau Bassin – Surinham Village – Rochester Falls



It’s Easter Monday and today most people are enjoying a day off from the toils of the working week.
And because Monday’s are not the most popular day of the week it’s this particular day I had previously selected to try to bring a bit of colour and vibrancy into the equation; anyway here goes!

There are quite a few photographs in the slideshow today as I found it really hard to de-select as many as I possibly should have?

Nevertheless today delectations consist of a journey over from our base in Albion across to the famous ‘Rochester Falls’ Firstly though as hunger had got the better of us it was decided that we should stop for lunch in Surinham Village.

I took advantage of the fact that there were quite a few people around for the lunch time and took a walk about with my camera. It was an…

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