Fun With the Macro



The macro has gone back to Nikon now and I am Macroless again.  I thought today I might do a post on what I think of the lens now that I have had a chance to play with it.  Nikon loaned to me a Nikon Micro Nikkor 40mm lens for a DX camera, or cropped frame and I’ve been playing with it for the couple of weeks.  I got it for my classes to show them how a Macro works, but it was also good for me to try out as well.

LeanneCole-typewriter-1403311403319425I had never used a Macro before and to say I thought that using it would be easy was an understatement.  They are so much harder than I thought.  The depth of field is so different, and you have to think so differently.  Luckily I was given some great advice from many of you here when I got it…

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